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Veterans Day

This November 11th marks Veterans Day, a celebration of the men and women who have served and are currently serving. The day marks the armistice between the Allied and Central Powers in 1918 to signal the end of conflict in Europe. The year 2020 also has special significance because it marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in 1945. My novel Above the Water follows the protagonist Harry Dietrichson through a succession of bloody campaigns in the Pacific Theater of War as he attempts to return to Shanghai to reunite with his love Viktoria Savina.

Through his service in the Marine Corps, Harry—an orphan—gains a great appreciation for the importance of family, and he sees how the links his comrades maintain with their families back home help to restore a little sanity in the horrid conditions they find themselves in overseas.

In the book I describe a scene about mail call one day on Guadalcanal: “The men waited expectantly as the letters were distributed. After their names were called, they filed off individually to read their letters. Some of the men read their letters aloud, either to tell a funny story or to mock a trivial complaint made by the person who sent it. The happiest leathernecks were those lucky enough to receive a care package. Some contained Ritz Crackers, candy bars, or canned food, like sardines or peaches. Some included sweaters or socks, which were both luxuries on the island.”

My father’s cousin, 2nd Lt. Sidney Linscott died while serving on Guadalcanal, and I have had various other relatives who served in conflict in the defense of our republic.

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This Veterans Day, as we mark this important day please join me at a book signing at Hearth & Soul at 2727 Exposition Boulevard.


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