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Jody Ferguson discusses Russia & Ukraine on Fox 7 Austin News

Author Jody Ferguson appeared on Fox 7 Austin News to discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The segment with anchor Rebecca Thomas was live on the evening news.

Former Pentagon Senior Advisor, Jody Ferguson discusses the recent shelling of Europe's largest nuclear power facilitity and shares the impact sanctions is having on Russian citizens, stocks, and businesses.

When asked about French President Emanuel Macron's statement that, "the worst is yet to come," Jody replied:

"...what we've been seeing in terms of the success of the Ukranians in defying the Russians and battling them back is probably going to be fleeting...eventually the Russians are going to start to bring more and more power to bare.... My big concern is that Russians might start to launching heavier cyberattacks on not just western Europe but also on North America as we step up our aid towards Ukraine."

Rebecca Taylor asked Jody how likely it is that Putin will stop with Ukraine, or if he sees him going after other former Soviet countries that are now members of NATO?

"I think for now [Putin is] looking at Ukraine as his primary goal... If he were successful in taking Ukraine, our next biggest perhaps biggest point of weakness for NATO and the United States would be something known as the Suwalki Gap...a NATO...and an independent piece of Russian territory of Kaliningrad."
"We could see a mirror of what happened in 1939...when the German state of East Prussia was separated from the German main area. and Hilter used this at as a pretext to unite them together."

Watch the segment here:


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