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Jody Ferguson on Fox 7 Austin News: Russia & Ukraine

Author Jody Ferguson was interviewed by Fox 7 Austin News to provide an expert perspective on the war in Ukraine.

Jody shares his reaction to Russia's latest actions in Ukraine, with comparison to their tactics in the war with Georgia 14 years ago. He discusses the impact that we may feel locally as a result of hard-hitting sanctions.

When asked about what impact we may feel here in the US, Jody responded:

"Americans and Texans-alike will be feeling these sanctions that have been imposed on the Russians in our own pocketbooks. ...People are going to need to be prepared for even higher prices. It's an unfortunate fact, but if we're going to see these sanctions through in this war, then we need to be prepared to buckle up like our grandparents did during World War II."

Watch the Interview Here:


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