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Press Release - September 24, 2020


DATE: September 24, 2020


Former Sr. Advisor in Office of the Secretary of Defense Releases Debut Novel, Above the Water

Austin, Texas -- Author Jody Ferguson announced the release of his debut historical fiction novel, Above the Water today. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, which is the setting of the novel. Above the Water is Dr. Ferguson’s debut novel after a two decade career as a defense contractor, most recently working at the Pentagon.

Dr. Ferguson, formerly a senior advisor in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, has been published in numerous publications, including The Wall Street JournaI and International Herald Tribune. This is his first work of fiction. The novel is inspired by several relatives as well as his own experience while living in Asia.

The love story is set in wartime Shanghai where the author argues the Second World War really began on August 13, 1937. Above the Water follows the lives of two young lovers — separated by war — endeavoring to survive and find one another again. They are confronted daily by harrowing situations and appalling choices, but they find the will to carry on, no matter the situation or the consequences. It’s a story of love, family, moral ambiguity, and perseverance.

Above the Water is published by Phalina Press and available in a $29.99 special collector’s edition hardcover (with end maps) as well as a $19.99 exclusive paperback at Regular editions in hardcover, paperback and e-book are available online wherever books are sold, including:,, Bulk orders are available by contacting

Author Quote:

“I’ve done a lot of writing in my lifetime--mostly professional and academic. I thought, what I’m going to do is move back to Texas with my family and I’m going to start writing fiction. Most people thought I was crazy.”

Upcoming Event/s Speaker Availability:

Jody Ferguson will be the featured speaker in March 2, 2021 at the Austin Headliner’s Club.

He is available for speaking engagements and interviews. Contact media representative, Lynne Perry 512-981-5325 or visit

Short Bio:

Jody Ferguson has authored dozens of articles, chapters, and books from his time as an academic and as an international affairs expert. He has been published in periodicals such as The Wall Street Journal and The International Herald Tribune. He was awarded the Department of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service for his work in the Pentagon and was a Fulbright Fellow in Moscow.

Jody recently left his career as a defense contractor in order to write fiction. He has lived in East Asia and Russia, and speaks French, Japanese, and Russian. His first novel, Above the Water, is historical fiction and takes place in the Far East.

He lives with his family in Austin, Texas.


“Jody Ferguson makes great use of this unique city as a backdrop to his story of war, love, and loss… colorfully drawing characters who, like Shanghai itself, are desperately seeking a way out of one world and into the next.”

James Carter, author of Champions Day: The End of Old Shanghai

“Above the Water” is engaging and educational, and you’ll feel its thrum on your emotions as well.”

Dana Frank, author of The Moon Can Tell

“From its vivid portrayal of Russian expatriate life in China to his stark scenes of men in combat…Jody Ferguson makes us feel we know these people, and their fates are bound up in our own. The author’s extensive background in Russia and East Asia lends a rare authenticity to the worlds he surveys.”

Russell Working, author of The Irish Martyr



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